Biohacks for Productivity

Have you ever wondered why, despite all your planning, smart tools, smart devices, hours of workshops and unbeatable commitment, you are still not hitting your productivity goals?

Isn’t it frustrating to feel like you can do better but not knowing why you’re not?

There is no
better time
to build

In this video, Ronan won’t ask you to try out new mind tools or refer to our exercises. He will actually not ask you to work on your mind at all. This time, we want you to look into your body.

Sometimes, all of us forget that a healthy mind is not possible without a healthy body. Have you ever worked really hard in your office and pulled your work till 4AM? Yeah, so did we. But that’s no way to treat your body because it will not allow your mind to deliver better results.




Here are a few biohacks that will shoot your productivity out of the charts:


Let’s start at the beginning. In order to get better, your brain has to be ready for it. It has to be cleaned up, fresh and ready to accept new information. How to do that – any guesses? Right, your sleep works as a tool for your brain to organize and clean your thoughts. Think of it as if you’re clearing catches out of your phone – you didn’t even know you had all this data, but it’s slowing you down.

REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) is where all this magic happens. Here, you get to experience psychological, mental and emotional clan up. 

Challenge yourself to go to bed at the same time every day and switch off your devices one hour before you do, to avoid the blue light. Try that for one week, you won’t want to stop after that anyway, that’s how good you’ll feel.


Once your brain is ready, you are having a good amount of quality sleep; you are ready to recruit and re-assign your brain cells towards your productivity. All the cells in your brain that work on your goals need to be paid. And the brain currency is called ATP. If you don’t have enough of that in your bank, you get sleepy, your brain is foggy, you are just not at your best. And you have to look for the thief stealing your energy from where you need it. Luckily, we know who the thief is. And we are after him! INFLAMMATION. Doesn’t sound familiar? Ok – how about this – sugar. Sugar causes inflammation in your body, and if you have to pay the cells fighting inflammation, you don’t have enough to pay the cells that focus on your goals.

For one week, remove all added sugar. And look for all the other names sugar comes in. Look for things like dextrose, maltodextrin, xanthan gum and others.


So now your brain knows how to get ready, your body has enough currency to pay your brain cells, it’s time to talk about how to effectively use that energy and multiply the outcome. And it’s as easy as body position. Did you have any idea that sitting only allows your lungs to open to 70% of what it would be while standing? Imagine what you can do with all the energy you can gain here, how much more brain cells can get oxygenated if you simply stand up! And not only does it expand your lungs, it also straightens your spinal cord; the main avenue of your body’s electricity. The spinal cord is incredibly precious, and when it’s restricted, your body is in a constate state of alert. Once you free it by standing up, your brain will give more focus to for example your heartbeat and other features of your body that help you focus.

Try to work while standing a few time a day. 20 minutes is enough. If you don’t have a standing desk, get creative! Put your laptop on a box on your table or work on a window shelf. You may look funny but you’ll be so proud to look like that once the results come!

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Ronan Holistic Health Mentor | Top Author at Mindvalley

Ronan is an internationally acclaimed health and fitness author who helps people create a sustainable health transformation. Having spoken at stages across 6 continents and hundreds of stages sharing his story, passion and lessons for health, longevity and holistic fitness.

Productivity and Peak Performance

Measuring productivity is not an easy practice. What you do know at any point in your work though, is whether your productivity is at it’s best. Better yet, if it is where you want it to be.

Today, we are bringing you a few simple daily practices that will help you maximize your capacity and develop more productive habits.

Listen to our founder, Gautam, explain his habits and how they help him:

There is no
better time
to build

Hack 1:

5 Minutes a day!

For this simple trick, we are engaging our Reticular activating system, which is our brain’s filtration system. It captures only the important things and feeds that to our brain. To train the RAS, we can use our everyday activities, like showering, eating and walking to work. 

In the exercise, Gautam will explain how to use your RAS for setting a positive momentum 

Hack 2:

The heightened positive emotions

It’s so much easier to work and avoid stress if we manage to combine positive emotions with habits. Have you ever gained a good result from beating yourself up? Didn’t think so! With this practice we are learning to maximize the effect of positive emotion we gather throughout the day for a positive outcome.




Your simple daily exercise:

The assignment is simple. Give an honest answer to 3 questions, day in and day out. Now, remember that this exercise only works if it becomes a reoccurring habit, so make sure you set up a notification in your calendar and get ready to have your life changed! You can use your journal or phone or even the conversation with yourself during meditation. Ready?

Here they go;

  1. I am proud of you for the following 5 things
  2. I forgive you for the following 5 things
  3. I commit to you that (5 things)

Easy? Even better! Now imagine how much more you can do and achieve if you manage to feed your brain with this information. How will your brain treat you in return if your brain food becomes the feeling of proudness, forgiveness, and commitment? 

Gautam’s life has changed once he stopped feeding himself with ‘Oh, see? Someone else is doing it better!’ and ‘See, this is where you failed again!’. Instead, he started saying ‘I’m proud of you for trying again.’ and ‘I forgive you for making the same mistake, you are only human.’ and most importantly: ‘I commit that next time, I will take help in preparing and deliver my best self!’

Start noticing the nice things people say, train your brain to switch from assuming the worst to assuming the best. 

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Gautam Khetrapal

Gautam Khetrapal Founder, LifePlugin | Keynote Speaker

Gautam is a world class speaker who has spoken at stages such as Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, Startup Investor Summit bringing a unique blend of play, passion and adventure at each of his spaces.

INTERMITTENT FASTING: How To Plan Your Fasting Window

Here is what you need to know about Intermittent Fasting: It’s awesome. It can increase your energy, make you feel lighter and get rid of the feeling that you are a slave to your food.

You already know what to eat during your feeding window and how to behave when you are fasting (if you don’t, you should check out THIS video).

There is no
better time
to build

But many of you ask: How to schedule my eating window, what to look out for when I am making this decision?

Ronan suggests you look at these 4 things before you decide:

Family ?‍?‍?‍?

Does your family have some habits around food? Is there a specific meal you are used to eating together? You might want to reconsider choosing to have early dinner if it causes friction for the rest of your family. And that would mean IF would be more harm than good for you.




Social Gatherings ??

Does your company organize communal breakfast every week? Are you used to Sunday brunch with friends? You will be able to entertain rare exceptions but if these are regular gatherings, it’s important to take them into consideration before you set up your feeding window. 

Bedtime ✨

Make sure you don’t stretch your body by eating too close to your bedtime. The digestion process is not something you want to take to bed 🙂 It affects the quality of your sleep and sometimes even the ability to fall asleep in the first place because it raises the temperature of your body. A body focused on digestion will not allow you to have a good night sleep, which will lead to you waking up hungry.

Workout time ?

This should especially be your concern if you are doing any kind of high-intensity training such as heavy weight lifting, CrossFit, sprinting and others. If that’s your case, you should schedule your eating window in a way that your high-intensity training falls within your feeding window. If you go hungry, you performance might be impaired and you may feel weak. You don’t have to worry about this if you do lighter exercise.

If you are flexible and it doesn’t make a difference for you, we would suggest you have your meals in the first part of the day to support your biological clock 🙂

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