LifePlugin Summit Partnerships

LifePlugin Summit is a 3-day immersion into an experiential learning environment in personal transformation.

It is a gathering of 300 personal transformation enthusiasts in a paradise location, and an environment filled with awe, inspiration, joyful connections and personal breakthroughs. This ecosystem is a unique opportunity for your brand to promote, engage and add value in an authentic space.

We co-create customised experiences with value aligned collaborators in the transformational space, be it mind, body, relationships, leadership, spirituality and so forth.

Our partnerships are not based on how many impressions you would get (that’s a by product) but how much value can we give to an attendee who is looking for transformation.

Recent Partners

LifePlugin Corporate Partners

LifePlugin specifically partner with value aligned communities and customize a corporate package for top 10-30 leaders from these companies; being corporates, social organisations etc.

Recent Partners

LifePlugin Social Media Partners

Shayamal Vallabhjee


Urmi Kothari

Founder Kinetic Living

Shraddha Pawar


Zaid Khan


Dev Dutt


LifePlugin’s Playground Experience Partnership

At LifePlugin, Playground is when we stop the stage to audience teaching – we take half a day off and we let our 250-300 attendees explore all principles of transformation from mindfulness, to past-life regression, to chakra healing and crystal healing, tarot card reading, experimenting with bio-hacking machinery, mildly electrocuting themselves with the earth electromagnetic frequency, use heart rate variability monitors, playing intimacy games or join an art therapy or sound healing workshops.

Our participants can pick and choose any experience. They can start by having a vegan meal with a kombucha drink. Then, signing up for a 30min reiki healing session. Then, get a PEMF therapy to finally end the night with a half and hour mindfulness game.

We take half a day off for all our attendees and we let loose in an ecosystem we like to call – The Playground.

We curate partners who are in the transformation space – personal growth facilitators, artists and F&B partners – who can support us in creating this experience.

LifePlugin Playground Experience takes place at the mid-point of every LifePlugin Summit:
  • The Playground is conducted in an open space
  • It goes on for half day
  • All practitioners are given dedicated space to facilitate their activity
  • Attendees are free to choose which activity to explore & experience
  • Practitioners can provide private sessions of 10-20 mins each or group activities of 30 mins.

Meet the Playground Facilitators

Tamir Salameh

Flow Game

Manna Kanuga

Flow Game

Aiara Love

Sound Healing

Arunesh Moudgil

Movement Meditation

Bharti Dekate

Founder WeAreIdeas Consulting

Ajay Makhija

Pranic Healing

Kanu Priya Sekhri

Inner Child Healing

Playground Partners

Playground Partners

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