Why Is This Important?

1. Learning Agility is the most important skill

In the Information Age where our jobs are changing at an exponential rate, the most important skill is the ability to learn, grow and reinvent oneself.

LifePlugin system turns one’s learning & growth into an adventure. Gautam Khetrapal (Founder, LifePlugin) shared this system on TEDx, it was viewed over 5.8 Million times and is arguably the most viral talk on Learning & Education model.

2. Well-being & Productivity are two sides of the same coin

A London School of Economics research found that costs spent promoting well-being in the workplace delivered a substantial annual return on investment of more than 9 to 1, with increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

When employees have calmer minds, fitter bodies, happier relationships and intrinsic desire for growth; high productivity is a beautiful by-product.

3. Socially cohesive teams are both highly effective and highly enjoyable to work within

The desire to belong and have meaningful connections is hard-wired in our DNA as social animals.

An average person spends over 70% of their waking hours at work. Building trust, psychological safety and a shared sense of purpose in the workplace, are critical to bring out the highest potential in an organisation.

We Help Business With:

1. Personal Leadership Trainings

One’s level of professional success seldom exceeds their level of personal development. Our customised workshops & coaching allow employees to become their most rockstar versions of themselves.

Workshops and Coaching:

  • Mindfulness practices to manage stress, enhance creativity and productivity.
  • Peak Performance; nutrition, biohacking, fitness routines, lifestyle adjustments
  • Belief Hacking & Subconscious Programming
  • Personal Success: Goal setting, Core Values and Life Vision
  • Leadership: Communication, Self-management, Emotional intelligence.
2. Cohering the Group: Advance From Being a ‘Company’ to ‘Deeply-Connected Tribe’

Psychological safety, friendships and ‘play’ environment at work, are critical for employee well-being, creativity, and overall productivity. We facilitate tribe-centric experiences for teams that create an intrinsic sense of commitment and belonging.

Our experiences allow employees to:

  • Practice openness & vulnerability in communication.
  • Feel more valued, appreciated and connected to each other -- so they never leave.
  • Be the carrier of creativity, playfulness and good vibes.
3. Leadership Consulting for Business Growth

From company vision and values, operational efficiency, goals and lead measures, accountability systems, and overall business strategy, we help organisations close the execution gap and achieving success faster, by working with organisation’s leadership executives.

Tools and Techniques:

  • Implementing Rockefeller Habits & Scale Up Methodology
  • Google’s Goal System; OKR methodology
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Leadership & Strategy meeting facilitation
  • 1:1 Executive coaching

Why Work With Us?

Game-changing Teachers

Our highly curated tribe of teachers are World Record setters, Sports scientists, Toastmaster champions, TEDx speakers with millions of views, brilliant entrepreneurs and performance coaches, who embody everything they teach.

They come from over 15 countries and bring a truly international perspective on our transformational curriculum.

Unconventional Workshops

Whether it’s jumping in a pool filled with ice, walking on fire, mildly-electrocuting yourself with earth’s frequency, having the most deep conversations of your lives through mindful games, experiencing hypnosis, and many more.

All our experiences are backed by scientific research and create profound impact on individuals & groups.

Powerful Tribe Dynamics

This is the secret sauce behind LifePlugin experiences being wildly successful. Our team has over a decade of experience in carefully designing experiences that facilitate deep, meaningful and incredibly fun connections within a group.

We have worked, studied and participated in some of the most tribe-centric ecosystems on the planet; AIESEC, Mindvalley, Zumba, and Summit Series.

Our Services


1 - 4 Hours

Our teachers visit your workspace to facilitate a transformational workshop based on selected topics.

Offsite Retreats

1 - 3 Days

We organise your team retreats to dive deep in personal & collective growth, stir some emotions, have a lot of fun and create lasting memories.

Business Program

3 Months - 1 Year

Run a customised program, with a dedicated program coordinator, offsite immersions, group coaching sessions, and 1:1 executive coaching.

How It Works

Schedule a free 1:1

Explore values alignment, our expertise & methodology, and if working together is a perfect fit. Envision a program based on your goals & resources.

Choose a Coaching Plan

Based on your requirements from the initial call, we will propose a customised program(s) for you to purchase.

Schedule your session

Depending on your program selection, we’ll create the schedule for your customised program and get started with an agreed timeline.