How Habits can sculpt your Identity

In the middle of life’s hectic pace, we frequently find ourselves pursuing habits, attempting to weave them into our daily routines and hoping they stick. But what if the key to long-term transformation isn’t what we do, but who we feel we are? In his seminal work Atomic Habits, James Clear proposes a new idea: make your habits your identity.

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A New Look at Identity and Habit Formation

Consider this: You’re at a party, and somebody offers you a drink. Instead of sharing, “I’m trying to quit,” you just state, “I don’t drink.” This minor adjustment in phrasing is key. It’s about accepting a new identity rather than fighting against an old habit. You’re not someone who is struggling to change; you are the change.

This approach to habit formation is transformative. When we start identifying with our habits, we’re not just performing actions; we’re building the very essence of our being. It’s about saying, “I am a writer,” not “I try to write.” It’s about seeing yourself as the person who embodies the qualities you wish to have. This is the strongest foundation for any habit to flourish, even in the face of challenges.




Making Habits Attractive: From Obligation to Opportunity

How do we stick to these habits, especially when the initial motivation wanes? Clear suggests making our habits attractive. Every habit, from the mundane to the complex, can transform from an obligation to an opportunity if we shift our focus to the joy of performing it.

Gautam, the co-founder of LifePlugin, talks about something related and similar in his article ‘Productivity and Peak Performance’. By engaging our brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) with positive affirmations and setting a momentum of positive emotions, Gautam turned routine tasks into sources of joy and fulfillment. It’s about finding the beauty in the mundane, the small victories in every step of the journey.

The magic of embracing identity-driven habits lies in the snowball effect they initiate. Much like a small snowball that grows larger and gains momentum with each roll down a hill, a single shift in how we see ourselves can have a profound impact on every facet of our lives. It’s about nourishing our minds with positive affirmations, akin to Gautam’s method of embracing pride, forgiveness, and commitment.

This journey transcends mere self-enhancement; it’s about setting in motion a wave of positive transformation that reaches far beyond our individual existence. By perceiving our habits as reflections of our identity and gateways to new opportunities, we’re not merely altering our daily actions; we’re reshaping our entire existence.


SIDDHANT CHAUDHARY Co-Founder, LifePlugin | Experience Design

Siddhant blends art, tech & spirituality crafting experiences that invite participants to shift perspectives and rediscover purpose & meaning

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