Productivity and Peak Performance

Measuring productivity is not an easy practice. What you do know at any point in your work though, is whether your productivity is at it’s best. Better yet, if it is where you want it to be.

Today, we are bringing you a few simple daily practices that will help you maximize your capacity and develop more productive habits.

Listen to our founder, Gautam, explain his habits and how they help him:

There is no
better time
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Hack 1:

5 Minutes a day!

For this simple trick, we are engaging our Reticular activating system, which is our brain’s filtration system. It captures only the important things and feeds that to our brain. To train the RAS, we can use our everyday activities, like showering, eating and walking to work. 

In the exercise, Gautam will explain how to use your RAS for setting a positive momentum 

Hack 2:

The heightened positive emotions

It’s so much easier to work and avoid stress if we manage to combine positive emotions with habits. Have you ever gained a good result from beating yourself up? Didn’t think so! With this practice we are learning to maximize the effect of positive emotion we gather throughout the day for a positive outcome.




Your simple daily exercise:

The assignment is simple. Give an honest answer to 3 questions, day in and day out. Now, remember that this exercise only works if it becomes a reoccurring habit, so make sure you set up a notification in your calendar and get ready to have your life changed! You can use your journal or phone or even the conversation with yourself during meditation. Ready?

Here they go;

  1. I am proud of you for the following 5 things
  2. I forgive you for the following 5 things
  3. I commit to you that (5 things)

Easy? Even better! Now imagine how much more you can do and achieve if you manage to feed your brain with this information. How will your brain treat you in return if your brain food becomes the feeling of proudness, forgiveness, and commitment? 

Gautam’s life has changed once he stopped feeding himself with ‘Oh, see? Someone else is doing it better!’ and ‘See, this is where you failed again!’. Instead, he started saying ‘I’m proud of you for trying again.’ and ‘I forgive you for making the same mistake, you are only human.’ and most importantly: ‘I commit that next time, I will take help in preparing and deliver my best self!’

Start noticing the nice things people say, train your brain to switch from assuming the worst to assuming the best. 

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Gautam Khetrapal

Gautam Khetrapal Founder, LifePlugin | Keynote Speaker

Gautam is a world class speaker who has spoken at stages such as Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, Startup Investor Summit bringing a unique blend of play, passion and adventure at each of his spaces.

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