Gautam Khetrapal

Co-Founder & CEO, LifePlugin


Gautam Khetrapal

Gautam is the Founder of LifePlugin and a renowned international speaker in the transformational education space. He has graced stages such as Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, and the Startup Investor Summit. His TEDx Talk has garnered over 7 million views, showcasing his impactful presence in the field.

Gautam is known for his playful, adventurous, and passionate energy, which he infuses into his work. He combines his love for teaching, comedy, personal growth, and community building to create transformational adventures worldwide. These include summits, masterminds, coaching sessions, and keynote speaking engagements.

His mission is centered on transforming learning and education into intrinsically motivating and lifelong adventures. He aims to build a "Disneyland of Learning & Education," making the process of learning engaging and enjoyable.

In addition to founding LifePlugin, Khetrapal offers experience design consulting, focusing on creating transformational experiences and events. He is highly regarded for his engaging, authentic, and transformational speaking style, blending scientific research, ancient philosophies, and powerful storytelling with humor.

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