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Siddhant Chaudhary

Siddhant is a Co-founder of LifePlugin apart from being a dynamic Experience Designer and Brand Management expert, currently leading brand strategies at Buuuk - a Design & Innovation Consultancy. Lifeplugin is a platform aimed at revolutionizing personal transformation education. With a keen eye for creative and impactful projects, Siddhant has a rich history of designing marketing strategies and community engagement activities that resonate deeply with audiences.

His career is marked by collaborations with global giants such as Nokia, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, MTV, and Netflix, where he delivered innovative solutions in engagement and brand positioning. Siddhant's international experience spans over 36 countries across five locations - Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Egypt, and India, showcasing his ability to lead diverse, cross-cultural, and functional teams with ease.

Siddhant's journey into the realm of personal transformation and education began with his dissatisfaction with traditional schooling. Recognizing the limitations of conventional education systems, he embarked on a path of self-education, focusing on areas that truly excited him. This journey led to the realization that education could be made more engaging, fun, and community-driven, culminating in the creation of LifePlugin.

LifePlugin, co-founded with Gautam Khetrapal in 2017, aims to change people's relationship with education by making it a community-driven experience that enhances human potential. The platform hosts transformative events, such as the LifePlugin Summit in Goa, which brings together hundreds of individuals from around the world for days of personal growth, featuring speakers and activities ranging from peak performance and self-care to spirituality and meditation.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Siddhant has been an active volunteer with AIESEC, further demonstrating his commitment to community and global engagement. His work is a testament to his belief in the power of creative solutions, community engagement, and the transformative potential of personalized education. His ability to make goals and strategizing more comprehensive and accessible is the epitome of constructive knowledge at it’s finest.

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