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Ever found yourself walking on fire?

Though an unusual question, it is not an ordinary one. Likely, you have not heard of the terms "Fire-Walking" or "Rite of Passage" if you have lived your life without encountering them. The typical person can live nearly 70% of their life without finding a social environment or place where they feel genuinely empowered or involved in a way that supports a positive view on health that does not correspond to simply working out or going to the Gym; this kind of living, however, has no bearing on how an individual perceives what emotional healing in a community can entail.


There is no
better time
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What is LifePlugin Summit?

With the average Adult being familiar with the terms 'holistic health' and 'personal wellness', it becomes important for an educative space for their practice to be created, which is what LifePlugin offers: Accessibility to a space where these ideas flow into harmony and a safe arena for people to explore health within their highest potential are created.

A 3-day event with an absolute blend of calm and action; apart from the amazing attendees, you get to meet and witness exciting teachers at their 'A' game and play along to their tunes of fire-inducing sessions.


The Summit itself bursts into being like a glow worm illuminating the deepest nighttime vines—brilliant, transformative, and a beacon of inspiration. This three-day immersive experience is more than just an event; it's a journey towards self-realization, full of thought-provoking courses, distinct positive vibes, and a magnified focus on holistic wellness. Imagine yourself soaking up the wealth of knowledge imparted by inspirational speakers and wellness enthusiasts who have gathered from all over the world to help you reach your full potential for wellness.

The event promises not just to reshape your thoughts, but to craft a wellspring from your core, promoting an optimal lifestyle of health, fulfillment, and mindfulness. Prepare yourselves, dear enthusiasts, for a hearty dive into the wide-spreading ocean of wellness at LifePlugin Summit.




Creating a Community :

One of LifePlugin's fundamental pillars is forming a community that traverses boundaries and enables mutual growth and support. Like-minded people from all backgrounds mingle at the summits to forge relationships and exchange ideas. Participants are invited to participate in activities such as deep-dive conversations, midnight bonfires, and experiential sessions on topics such as kinesiology to help create a sense of belonging grounded in the pursuit of well-being.

A chunk of LifePlugins philosophy arises from the idea of ‘play’ and participation. What do they mean by play? It refers to the idea of approaching activities with a light-hearted an

Play can manifest in playful exercises, creative workshops, or recreational activities that encourage attendees to let go, have fun, and tap into their inner childlike wonder

It goes beyond passive observation or attendance and encourages people to actively engage in workshops, discussions, and experiential sessions. By participating and literally ‘playing’, individuals become an integral part of the event, contributing their energy, ideas, and perspectives.

At a festival like LifePlugin, play and participation blends to create an atmosphere that creates self-mastery in holistic well-being. Enabling playful exploration and active engagement gives attendees the chance to try new things, pick up new information, and make links with others who have similar goals and passions.
This leads to an equilibrium between learning for oneself and absorbing the joy of giving in to what honestly connects one with the spirit of discovery within.

Giving up the barrier of etiquette and societal perception gives every individual who joins these summits as an attendee a chance to lay the first stone of creating truly rooted connections amongst each other, encouraging an introspective space that has people talking their hearts out while also practicing something as simple as forgiveness and kindness to self or as challenging as inner child healing or releasing one's trauma in a safe and guided manner amongst people that carry an honest feeling of a Klatch.

Holistic Wellness :

At LifePlugin summits, holistic wellness takes center stage.
The events offer a range of activities aimed at nurturing the mind, body, and spirit. Renowned wellness experts, coaches, and practitioners lead interactive sessions and workshops that cover a diverse array of topics, including mindfulness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, fitness, and self-care.

A large bunch of these topics are covered and carried out throughout the summit in a way as to make it easy to incorporate amongst the daily lives, this is done through a carefully curated program, encouraging the attendees to grasp the knowledge and insights in a way that leaves them with anticipation for inculcating what happens at the summit beyond just the 3-day event.

Celebrating Life :

The summit itself embodies the philosophy of celebrating life and cherishing every moment. Through a combination of tailored workshops, engaging activities, and immersive experiences, the people who trust the process of the event learn to embrace their unique journeys in every way possible.

These summits offer a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore their passions, discover new interests, and open the doors for new pathways to emerge. By fostering a positive and empowering environment, LifePlugin aims to inspire people to savor life, create memories, and cultivate the joy of a community, providing a platform for unexcelled spiritual growth, and immersing participants in a sphere of mindfulness, these summits offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment which go beyond the usual and might even become a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for those who choose to trust the path that LifePlugin is trying to create.

Through the Attendee's eyes :

"Let me just sum of the transformation in me with one more example.
Have you seen The Big Bang Theory, and have you seen how Sheldon Cooper
is repulsed with hugs and expression of emotions and sarcasm? That’s
how I was. After the summit, I just couldn’t help, but bid everyone at
the summit with a warm hug, and the fun fact is, the person receiving,
and giving the hug, both connected with this! I mean, this is a HUGE
change, right? When I got back home, I made it a point to give a hug to
my family! It was transformational!!

- Gyan Gupta in his Article on Medium : Life Plugged In



"From fitness to mindfulness to personal growth, the learnings at LifePlugin touched all the right chords! In the 80 days since LifePlugin, I’ve been a lot fitter, and feel younger. As I write this post, I’ve already crossed 11.5 kgs, but by maintaining a healthy diet, I’m more mindful, super productive at work, and I’ve discovered a rejuvenated version of myself."

- Srini K in his Article on Medium: The magic of my personal transformation: #LifePluginStories



"Unlike all my other Goa trips, Lifeplugin summit created the atmosphere of a tribe, a family and we have kept in touch ever since. For all the people who have only wanted to visit Goa, have some fun, and never meet the people again, this event is not for you. The event is all about finding your tribe and sticking around."

- Vidhi Bubna in her Article on Tripoto: Goa is just about meeting People....

Through the Lens of the Attendees, a new space is created ensuring refreshing experiences every time at the Summit, it's our enriching community that stretches 3 days into forever within memories.

The power of this powerful stage lies within the people;
to become one of the many transformational stories or explore more about lifeplugin, find us here


Let the Adventure Begin!


SIDDHANT CHAUDHARY Co-Founder, LifePlugin | Experience Design

Siddhant blends art, tech & spirituality crafting experiences that invite participants to shift perspectives and rediscover purpose & meaning