LifePlugin Summit Shimla

April 19-21, 2019

LifePlugin Summit Experience

20 amazing speakers & facilitators. 15+ transformational sessions, talks and socials. 160 extraordinary people from all around the globe. 3 sunsets. 3 sunrises. And an incalculable amount of ideas established & relationships forged. Huge thanks to you all for coming as you are. For enthusiastically supporting one another through the peaks and valleys of this crazy rollercoaster journey we name life. And for keeping the magic alive and well.
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Our Summit In Daily Snapshots

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LifePlugin Summit Shimla 2019 – Day 1
160 wonderfully adventurous souls just arrived. Many of whom are traveling from a world away to join us in the Himalayan mountain hills for 3 days of connection, transformation and good times. Here’s a little gimple of how we came together to break the ice, connect with each other and set our intentions for the journey ahead.
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LifePlugin Summit Shimla 2019 – Day 2
Flashback to our second day with this truly awesome group of people. No shortage of incredible content…. But as always, the real kicker was the people. Here’s to lessons learned, experienced breakthroughs, friendships forged, and feeling good.
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LifePlugin Summit Shimla 2019 – Day 3

“One of the biggest misconception about personal growth is that one day, you’ll be finished with it.” said Maryam. The summit experience is one of those things that is better experienced, rather than explained… however, one thing we can tell you is what we are NOT. We are NOT a place for simple steps to success or any woo-woo personal development…. This is for down-to-earth, humble people with long term goals.

The Location

The Queen of Hill Stations

The majestic snow-clad mountains, stunningly rich greenery and the beautiful lakes in the land of Shimla greet you all year long to enjoy their timeless beauty. Certain places on earth do boast of places that equal or even surpass the beauty of Shimla.

However, Shimla, which is one of the most visited tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh holds magic in the air, which is beyond comparison.

No wonder it is called the Queen of Hill Stations. The land so captivated the minds of the British when they ruled India that it was made their summer capital.

If you love the mountain views, this is your dream destination. The marvelous view of the mountains ranges and rich nature spellbinds you – and pulls you back time and time again.

Meet The Trainers

Gauranga Das Ji
This remarkable teacher fills one of the most important subjects of our Summit, “Spirituality in the Modern World”. He has given more than 10,000 discourses in the last two decades on Srimad Bhagvatam, Bhagavad Gita amongst other scriptures. He is an inspirational speaker for his expertise of presenting Vedic Knowledge in a contemporary and enticing way, he is making spirituality accessible to all. He represents ISKCON as a speaker in various platforms like TEDx, Google headquarters, Stanford University.
Shayamal Vallabhjee

Born and raised in South Africa. Shayamal is a Sports Scientist, been a Performance Psychologist to professional athletes for 20 years, an Author, a Motivational Speaker and a former Monk with ISKCON for almost 4 years.

He has worked with the South African & Indian Cricket and Tennis Teams, the Kenyan Marathon Team, Kings XI Punjab, St Lucia Stars, traveled on the ATP Tour for six years, been to two Olympics as Head of Science &

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Medicine, also the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games and more.

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Shayamal Vallabhjee
Alsu Kashapova
Alsu Kashapova

Alsu is a living example of what it truly means to acquire raised energies through the means of this powerful tool – Breathwork.

She is a certified Breathing trainer with over 940 hours of training in a range of different breathing methodologies – From conscious breathing techniques like energy breathing, stress management, deep relaxation, health improvement and longevity, spiritual liberation, to pranayama rebirth breathing. Through the power of breath and

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bodywork, she has developed new techniques that are literally transforming people’s lives every day.

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Ronan Diego de Oliveira

Biohacker and Fitness Coach, Ronan is our in-house Brazilian fitness coach.

He leads the Health division at Mindvalley and works with the world’s foremost experts on health & fitness.

Ronan uses Design to transform people. He is a trainer in personal performance, leadership and design thinking.

Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Gautam thumbnail
Gautam Khetrapal

At the very heart of everything he creates lies the playful, adventurous and passionate energy that he brings to the table.

Gautam Khetrapal is an entrepreneur and an international speaker in the transformational education space. He has spoken at stages such as Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, Startup Investor Summit. His recent TEDx Talk got over 7 Million views on Facebook and is arguably one of the most viral talks on modern education.

The Program Overview

12PM - 3PM Registration, Team Activities, Ice Breakers
3PM - 4.30PM Special Welcome with Gautam Khetrapal
4.30PM - 6PM Finging Your True North with shayamal vallabhjee
6PM - 7PM Sunset Break
7PM - 8PM Breathwork For Daily Life with Alsu Kashapova
8PM - 9.30PM Dinner
9.30PM - 12PM Mingler Party
8AM - 9AM Morning Activation with the options:
  • Crossfit Training with Ronan Diego de Oliveira
  • Krya Yoga with Paramjit Pam Anand
  • Zumba Dance Class with Nimrat Batth
9AM - 10.30AM Breakfast
10.30AM - 11AM Morning Plenary
11AM - 12.30PM The Pursuit of Balance with Shayamal Vallabhjee
12.30PM - 1.30PM Peak Performance with Ronan Diego de Olivera
1.30PM - 3PM Lunch Break
3PM - 5.30PM Personal Mastery Circle with Gautam Khetrapal
5.30PM - 6.30PM Sunset Break
6.30PM - 9PM Plaground
9PM - 10.30PM Dinner
7.30AM - 9AM Ice Bath with Alsu Kashapova
9AM - 10.30AM Breakfast
10.30AM - 11AM Morning Plenary
11AM - 12.30PM Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom with Gauranga Das
12.30PM - 1.30PM Your Future with LifePlugn with Gautam Khetrapal
1.30PM - 3PM Lunch Break
3PM - 5PM Breakout Sessions with the options:
  • Use of Psychedelics for Mental Health and Peak Performance with Siddhant Chaudhary
  • Personal Branding with Vadim Fink
  • Public Speaking with Ronan Diego de Oliveira
  • How to Build A Conscious Business with Salil Khamkar
  • The Art of Powerful Questions with Steve Ryman
5PM - 6PM Bringing It Home with Ronan Diego de Olivera
6PM - 7PM Sunset Break
7PM - 8PM Closing Ceremony
8PM - 9.30PM Dinner
9.30PM - 2AM "Garden of Magic" Party

A Sneak Peak Into Our Summit
Through Some Special Moments

The Resort

Club Mahindra Kandaghat, Shimla

This edition of LifePlugin Summit is happening in the gorgeous mountain hills of Shimla.

Gorgeous sunsets, British styled villas, a refreshing air quality, and lots of spaces for movements and play.

Overlooking the Himalayas, this 4* resort ensures a spectacular spot for our experience. Expect to wake up to gorgeous sunrises in one of their stunning bedrooms and suites, many with private balconies; Take an ice-bath in their outdoor pool overlooking breathtaking views of the hills 😉 How about the yummiest and healthiest fine dining food from Punjab? Or walking and dancing barefoot on the grass to catch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over the mountain tops? We love this property, and we are so confident that it is the perfect destination to unplug yourself from routine life, enjoy the incredible views & restoring energy, and invest in your personal growth.

summit Resort
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