LifePlugin Summit Goa

October 18-20, 2019

LifePlugin Summit Experience

From walking on a bed of hot coals, together and breaking free of limiting beliefs. To parting until 2am dressed up as heroes. To letting our inner child and spirit loose and exploring various transformational practices during Playground magical night. To watching our LifePlugin teachers do what they do best and rocking in their element. Those are undeniably some of the memories we will never forget, and we cannot express our gratitude for all the amazing people we met, the incredible learnings, the awesome adventures and all the fun we had together in goa. Thank you tribe, for playing full out!
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Our Summit In Daily Snapshots

LifePlugin Summit Goa 2019 – Day 1
The moment we arrived, it’s a surreal feeling to see the diversity of the profiles present; hundreds of people of different age groups, locations and ethnicity but united by a common drive to ‘be better’. Watch this recap video of Day 1 which was all about setting new intentions to play full out, make new friendships and unlearn to relearn.
LifePlugin Summit Goa 2019 – Day 2
”I have never tried so many new things in one day” – said one tribe member. Day 2 was completely action packed. We started the day with ecstatic dance, high-intensity workout, and ended it with a fire-walk. Shout out to our tribe for being open, vulnerable and overcoming their fears.
LifePlugin Summit Goa 2019 – Day 3
Transformation is NOT knowledge. Transformation is when you understand something with every cell in your body. A quick sneak peak into the last day of this journey of transformation.

The Location

The Peaceful Southern Coastline

A kaleidoscopic blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, sweetened with sun, sea, sand, seafood and spirituality, there’s nowhere in India quite like it.

This sun-soaked capital of the south has so much to offer: a rich culture, beautiful architecture, large palm groves and a dazzling culinary scene. Not to mention breathtaking sunsets & sunrisers, that will undoubtedly give you a feel of freedom.

It’s a region blessed with hidden delights, of string of golden sand beaches shimmering in its own vibe with their beach shacks, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate. Whichever of Goa you visit, you will find friendly, welcoming people, excellent food and small simple restaurants where the taste of fish curry rice – just caught, just grilled and mixed with spices and flavours of Goa’s cuisine – will pull you back time and time again.

Meet The Trainers

Kristina Mand Lakhiani
Kristina is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, mother, philanthropist and everyday-life philosopher. She is also the co-founder of Mindvalley, a global school that delivers transformational education. Her mission is to help you create an extraordinary life by making authenticity the heart of your being. It’s our honour to receive Kristina for the third time at LifePlugin, where she’ll be conducting a workshop on Self-love.
Niraj Soma Naik
Niraj is a remarkable Breathwork teacher from the UK, he has worked with Wim Hof, Ben Greenfield, Marisa Peer and many other incredible teachers in the transformational education space. Having cured himself from Ulcerative Colitis, he is dedicated to helping others restore their health and improve their overall quality of life with holistic practices and lifestyle changes. He is also the founder of SOMA Breath, the global breathwork and wellness movement taking the world by storm. Niraj will be conducting several immersive transformational experiences, including a Breath Immersive Workshop and an Ecstatic dance workshop.
Shayamal Vallabhjee
Sports Scientist & Performance Psychologist to professional athletes and celebrities for 20 years – Shayamal has worked with Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian cricket team, world record tennis players like Rafael Nadal, the Kenyan Marathon team and more. Voted best speaker in our last summit in Shimla, he’s coming again to speak about growth, balance and purpose.
Vadim Fink

Vadim is my go to guy when it comes to discussing life philosophy, personal transformation, business growth, marketing, and getting shit done in life. He is also my best friend & a fellow crazy adventure seeker.

He is joining to speak about playing the game of self awareness, and share his decade of experience experimenting with life assessment frameworks and personality tools to help you gain deeper knowledge about who you are, immediately.

Suhas Talwar
Suhas is an internationally trusted Fire Walk Expert, Leadership Guru and Breakthrough Expert. For 15 years he has created breakthrough experiences for over 150,000 professionals in several of the world’s top companies. Suhas is the Co-Founder of the School of Excellence and is focused on creating transformations for organizations and individuals to live their best lives using timeless leadership principles. He and his team are gonna take you on a powerful rite of passage, fire walking.
Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Ronan is our in-house Brazilian fitness coach. Despite being busy leading the Health division at Mindvalley, where he works with the world’s foremost experts on health & fitness, Ronan has never missed a SINGLE LifePlugin Summit and deeply loves this tribe. Ronan is passionate about personal transformation. He is the kind of guy who times his morning routine, weighs his food for precise nutrients value and develops prototypes for life decisions. For his firth time at LifePlugin Summit, Ronan is coming both as a Fitness Coach for his legendary Beast Workout and as a Public Speaking Teacher for a powerful workshop on Day 3.
Hiti Rangnani
Hiti fills one of the most important subjects of our upcoming Summit, “Spirituality in the Modern World”. She speaks the language of Science, Business, Design & Strategy (which we can all relate too) while demystifing spiritual knowledge and converting it into tools for daily use and living practice. Expect her to shed some light on key spiritual questions such as the meaning of God and Life, Karma, Intuition, stages of consciousness, Kundalini awakening, and much more.
Gautam Khetrapal
Gautam is an international speaker and has been featured on platforms such as Mindvalley, TEDx, UNESCO, IIT, Villanova University (USA), Startup Investor Summit and INK Talks. His first TEDx talk on Modern Education got 7 Million+ views on Facebook and is the fundamental premise behind LifePlugin, and the mission to create the Disneyland of Learning & Education. He’ll run an experiential workshop on Subconscious Programming and Personal Mastery.

The Program Overview

12PM - 3PM Registration, Team Activities, Ice Breakers
3PM - 4.30PM Special Welcome with Gautam Khetrapal
4.30PM - 6PM The Pursuit of Balance with Shayamal Vallabhjee
6PM - 7PM Sunset Break
8PM - 9.30PM Dinner
9.30PM - 12PM Mingler Party
7.30AM - 9AM Morning Activation with the options:
  • Ecstatic Dance with Niraj Naik
  • Functional Training with Urmi kothari
  • Hatha Yoga with Pradeep Mehta
9AM - 10.30AM Breakfast
10.30AM - 11AM Morning Plenary
11AM - 12.30PM Lifelong Romance with the Self with Kristina Mand Lakhiani
12.30PM - 1.30PM The Game of Self-Awareness with Vadim Fink
1.30PM - 3PM Lunch Break
3PM - 5.30PM Personal Mastery Circle with Gautam Khetrapal
5.30PM - 7PM Firewalking with Suhas Talwar
7PM - 12PM Plaground
7.30AM - 9AM Morning Activation with the options:
  • Crossfit Training with Ronan Diego de Oliveira
  • Zumba Dance Class with Nancy Rustagi
  • Acro-Yoga with Pradeep Mehta
9AM - 10.30AM Breakfast
10.30AM - 12.30AM SOMA Breath Immersive Workshop with Niraj Naik
12.30PM - 2PM Lunch Break
2PM - 3PM Future with LifePlugin with Gautam Khetrapal
3PM - 5.30PM Breakout Sessions with the options:
  • Emotional Schemas with Shayamal Vallabhjee
  • Human Longevity with Niraj Naik
  • Application of Mystic Sciences in Daily Life with Hiti Rangnani
  • Public Speaking with Ronan Diego de Oliveira
  • The Art of Powerful Questions with Siddharth Anantharam
5.30PM - 6.30PM Sunset Break
6.30PM - 8PM Closing Ceremony
8PM - 10PM Dinner
10PM - 2AM Special Closing Party

A Sneak Peak Into Our Summit
Through Some Special Moments

The Resort

Novotel Dona Slyvia Resort, South Goa

Get to know an undiscovered side of coastal luxury

This edition of LifePlugin Summit is happening in the white sand beaches of south Goa.

Gorgeous sunsets, mediterranean styled villas reflecting the Goan Portuguese architecture, a laid-back and peaceful vibe amidst palm groves, and lots of spaces for movements and play.

Overlooking Cavelossim Beach, the Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia five-star resort ensures a spectacular spot for your experience. Expect to wake up in one of their stunning bedrooms and suites, many with private balconies; Take a dip in their impressive pool overlooking a beautiful garden or in their outdoor jacuzzi; How about some healthy breakfasts, traditional Goan lunches and evening fine dining buffet all at the same location? Or a walk by the beach which is a few steps away to catch the gorgeous sunsets in Goa. You can expect all of this and more…

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