LifePlugin Adventure

Dr. Kushal Choraria

Dr. Kushal Choraria

The content was rich and very informative. Trainers are huge givers and have been a great support. The cohesiveness of the group was awesome. I would not do justice if I say that only life visioning exercises is the best of this adventure, everything about it had its own uniqueness. Overall it is a well thought, well-planned adventure with lot of learnings and abundance of PLAY.

Kunal Kishore

Kunal Kishore

I loved that this program was so immersive in the approach to self-exploration and life visioning – we learnt about ourselves through hiking, setting life goals using storytelling and transformational breathing. What makes this program so different is integrating the knowledge in such an intimate setting that gives you access to great mentors. One-on-one conversations beyond the structured program personally helped me absorb the learning and insights way more.

Throughout the 4 day, everything was so meticulously planned that I would like to relive those memories back again. One memory I can’t forget is the morning sunrise surprise- what made the entire moment so priceless for me was to imagine the thinking behind curating such personal experience for us. Truly magical is what I could say.

Nandan Choithani

The four days at LifePlugin Adventure was like manifesting an old vision- living luxuriously, enjoying deep connections with friends becoming family, going deeper within and getting surprised by different sets of adventures with an emotional touch. Everything felt like a dream come true. Out of all the beautiful moments of this adventure, the transformational breathwork session gave me the most mesmerising feeling of self connection I have ever lived, and I felt I went deeper within myself than I had ever been. It was the most blissful feeling one can experience. I am so grateful for the team and everyone out there for making this whole experience the one which I would want to re-live again and again.

Gayathri Manavalan

My journey with LifePlugin started at Goa 2019 and I felt the connection when I came to know that the team valued ‘Who you are?’ and not “What you do?’ .The tribe vibe created by the team was so in sync with what I believe, that I signed up for their first adventure in Bali.

My adventure started at an exotic villa situated in the heart of Ubud forests overlooking the magnificent mountains. From morning activations to deep conversations to silent disco on top of a volcano, it was a perfect setting for my inner self to heal, learn and explore the unknown.
Being in oneness with mother nature with a supporting group of beautiful souls was apt for life visioning. The best part of this journey was that I felt connected to the core of my being.

Vidya Sethi

I was at the adventure with my partner, so it gave us an opportunity to explore various sides of each other and deepen our understanding of each other. We love investing our joint time in meaningful experiences- learning and unlearning together, making common friendships for eternity, cheering each other’s journey so far and extending support to be accountable later. Every time we do a little activity for our individual personal growth, it accelerates the growth of our relationship. The LifePlugin adventure is the biggest one yet, on both of our lists.

What I like the most about it, is that the space was accommodating of everyone. There was never a dull moment, never a second in the day when I was not involved. Whether you are a completely introvert person, or somebody who loves socialising, this is a great environment for you to unlearn, discover and play. The space is curated in a way such that everybody feels invested. I shared my deepest secrets, one of my biggest traumas, and created some of the most memorable moments of love during this adventure.

Rohan Badade

It’s like a holiday with a close group of friends. So much fun, and yet there is deep self-work that happens effortlessly over the course of the whole experience.

Urmi Kothari

Words like transformation are too limiting to describe the experience but all I can say is once you are plugged-in, you are all in. I, as a member of this special tribe, today I feel connected with beautiful souls that make me feel held in my vulnerable times, who hold a mirror that helps me reflect what’s underneath the person I see, souls who celebrate and get high with me on life … and most of all, souls who create an atmosphere of sharing, learning and healing … all seamlessly and synchronously held together by love that fills me with so much gratitude.

Vikas Vinayachandran

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines an adventure as an exciting or remarkable experience. Our experience in Bali was that and more. A private villa that had the most breath-taking views laid the foundation for some very deep journeys to connect with our inner selves. Beautiful conversations that allowed us to connect with some wonderful humans who were on a similar journey of ‘Life Visioning’. Hiking up a mountain, receiving love notes at the summit just as the sun was rising, and then dancing to the beat of a silent disco are the kind of experiences that I will never forget. Detoxing in a sauna, eating some of the healthiest food

with local ingredients, and Breath-work and Yoga sessions ensured that our bodies were always ready for where our spirits wanted to take us. There were moments of deep connection and moments when you just let loose and had fun. What I remember is being in the midst of an extraordinary group of people who were the embodiment of love. What more could one ask for from an adventure?

Christina M Ghose

Christina M. Ghose

I was told ‘What happens in the 6 months after LifePlugin is sheer magic’ and I was sold. While I have been to multiple personal development / growth summits, what lured me also was the ‘realness’ of the facilitators and their ability to deeply and authentically connect. Be it from the welcome group to the speakers, the energy around them was that of humility, love and passion. The team that was putting it together was a reflection of the magic and I was very curious to the unfolding of the next few days.

After a year of experiencing an intense rollercoaster journey, my 17 ½ year old son and I came to Goa to understand what more could this year of learning offer us.We came with eager hearts, open minds and acomfort of being amongst those we knew. And boy oh boy, were we both amazed. Now more than a month later, I can definitely say I feel that magic after the summit. Something shifted and shifted distinctly.

The Summit left for both my son and I, truly authentic connections and friendships. And this to me is a big gift, because it allows one to experience and learn different facets of oneself as we explore that of the other. We both left feeling what we experienced here was not something we had before. It lacked superficiality, it renewed our belief in one self and left us eager to take on that which is to come.