LifePlugin Adventure

A Life-Changing Experience Designed To Recharge Your Soul Batteries

Next Event: Feb 3 – 7th 2022, Rajasthan

LifePlugin Adventure Experience

LifePlugin Adventure is a 4-Day high-end personal growth adventure open to a curated group of people from our LifePlugin Tribe who seek to advance their transformational journey in a much more intimate and larger-than-life setting. This event is hosted in a unique idyllic location around the world and curates only 10 profiles to maximise the intimacy of the experience.
The central theme for this experience is to explore & develop our Life Visions together and our goal by the end of this Adventure is to provide you with your unique blueprint of tools, mindset and emotions that you uniquely need to always be able to operate from your higher self. We bring unique transformational practices from all corners of the world to create an environment for envisioning, personal breakthroughs, self-care and self-transcendence.
Expect a lot of surprises. Expect to go deeply vulnerable. Expect to be treated like Queens and Kings. Expect to learn things about yourself that you haven’t learnt in your entire life. And expect a ton of fun together.
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Why Should I Attend?

1. Sharp, Humble and Accomplished Participants

From well-known founder-driven brands, to ecommerce store founders, to highly successful B2B firm founders, to fitness experts, to philanthropists, this group is highly curated to bring the big thinkers, boundary pushers and lovable people to the front.

These are the kind of people you constantly want to surround yourself with. These people will bring continued support and ensures that your inspired plans from the adventure turn into actions, habits and new reality… with a ton of smiles & laughter along the journey!

2. Content from Doers That will Take Your Game and Life to the Next Level

We don’t have “speakers”, We have generous transformational content experts who are here to learn as much as they are here to teach. You’ll leave this event armed with an arsenal of ideas and action steps proven to be effective in the real world. If you are someone who is looking to expand your personal transformation process and learning how to operate in the performance bracket of the top 0.001% of the world, who are always playing at their A-game, this event is probably for you.

3. Unconventional Transformational Experiences

From Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies, to Transformational Breathwork, Cliff Jumping, surprise hiking adventures and having the most deep conversations of your lives through mindful games, experiencing sound healing and many more. All our experiences are guided with trained facilitators, and an inspiring mindset & setting. They are backed by scientific research and create profound and lasting impact.

Individual Coaching
4. Individual Coaching To Foster Your Growth

If you are someone who prefers to invest in their growth in more intimate setting, where there is a lot more one-to-one connection, one-to-one coaching and facilitation, and where organizers not only partake in the journey with you, and work along with you on their own visions and goals, but you also get to run ideas by them that gave fuel to the journey you are on, this might be for you.

5. A Larger-Than-Life Setting Away From Your Everyday Reality

Get transported to spectacular villas, surrounded by rice terrace fields, lush greenery and gurgling waterfall.

When we are envisioning our future, we want to be in a space where our soul feels expanded. And we also believe it’s important to create a beautiful ecosystem which reflects the reward for the hard work that we’ve put into developing ourselves. Think luxury villas, rose petal baths, massages, detox rituals, customised meals with in-house chefs, and more surprises.

6. It all boils down to people, set, and setting

No matter where you attend your adventure, you will feel expanded and recharged thanks to these three things. It all boils down to people, set, and setting. Successful people with remarkable achievements and unique personalities who come “out of costume” and become friends for life; Outdoor vibe, unplugged from day to day, farm fresh healthy meals, outdoor activities, spa environments, and other fun surprises; and all inclusive services – everything is provided. Rooms, food & beverage, etc.. there is nothing to do but get there, and nothing more to spend money on.

What Attendees Are Saying

Meet Your Hosts

The hosts and creators of LifePlugin Adventure are Gautam Khetrapal and Celia Hamitouche, two offline immersive experiences entrepreneurs currently living in Paris, France who love that they don’t have to choose between work and play. They show up not as guides but also as fellow players in this journey as this is the life-visioning practice they do every 6 months with their friends. This retreat is a very special extension of a very private process reserved for deep friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official program starts on Thursday Afternoon at 3 PM and ends Sunday night at 10 PM. 

We recommend you to arrive the day before to start fresh. On Thursday, you can arrive at the venue from 1 PM to register and unpack. The first session for the day will begin at 3PM.

On Wednesday, the closing session will finish late around 10PM. But the conversations and celebrations carry on till late. So we recommend you to plan your departure accordingly.

We’ll share the daily schedule with all the attendees two weeks before the event to give them an idea of how the days will go. Things officially kick off on a Thursday at 3PM. All 4 days are full days packed with content, wellness, activities, surprises and good times. Each morning will begin at 7:30am with a morning exercise and we do advise in preparing for late nights as there you will find yourself connecting with the other attendees and enjoying the socials. The event will wrap up at midnight on Wednesday.

The ticket includes: 

  • 4 nights in Boutique Luxury Resort Accommodation
  • In-house chef & Farm-to-table Organic Meals
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony
  • Surprise adventures
  • All Activities & Wellness Offerings
  • Transportation Between All Scheduled Activities

Note: This does not include the flights and travel to and from the venue.

If — for whatever reason — you can’t come, we will refund 80% of your ticket price within the next 45 days following purchase. The remaining 20% will roll over and can be applied to the next available adventure.

(In the situation that our event must be cancelled or postponed to a date that you are unable to attend, we will offer a 100% refund or rollover to a future adventure)

  • We will have dining options to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free at every meal. We can make arrangements for a variety of other diets as well — just let us know ahead of time.
We recommend you bring:
  • Sunglasses
  • Shorts and t-shirts
  • Light long sleeve layers
  • Shoes comfortable for walking
  • Bathing suit
  • Yoga/workout clothes
  • Sunscreen

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What Attendees Are Saying

Vidya Sethi
I came with my partner to explore various sides of each other and deepen our mutual understanding. We love investing our joint time in meaningful experiences- learning together, making common friendships, cheering each other’s journey so far and extending support to be accountable later. This experience was our biggest relationship growth experience yet, on both of our lists. What I like the most about it, is that the space was accommodating of everyone. Whether you are a completely introverted person, or somebody who loves socialising, this is a great environment for you to unlearn, discover and play. The space is curated in a way such that everybody feels safe and invested. I shared my deepest secrets, one of my biggest traumas, and created some of the most memorable moments of love during this adventure.
Vidya Sethi
Founder of Maikai
Nandan Choithani
The four days at LifePlugin Adventure was like manifesting an old vision- living luxuriously, enjoying deep connections with friends becoming family, going deeper within and getting surprised by different sets of adventures with an emotional touch. Everything felt like a dream come true. Out of all the beautiful moments of this adventure, the transformational breathwork session gave me the most mesmerising feeling of self connection I have ever lived, and I felt I went deeper within myself than I had ever been. It was the most blissful feeling one can experience. I am so grateful for the team and everyone out there for making this whole experience the one which I would want to re-live again and again.
Nandan Choithani
Founder & CEO of Brimatec
Gayathri Manavalan
My journey with LifePlugin started at Goa 2019 and I felt the connection when I came to know that the team valued ‘Who you are?’ and not ‘What you do?’. The tribe vibe created by the team was so in sync with what I believe, that I signed up for their first adventure in Bali. My adventure started at an exotic villa situated in the heart of Ubud forests overlooking the magnificent mountains. From morning activations to deep conversations to silent disco on top of a volcano, it was a perfect setting for my inner self to heal, learn and explore the unknown. Being in oneness with mother nature with a supporting group of beautiful souls was apt for life visioning. The best part of this journey was that I felt connected to the core of my being.
Gayathri Manavalan
Former PR Manager at Star India Pvt Ltd



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