Vidya Sethi

“Friendships are my biggest takeaway from LifePlugin”“For someone who has been reading books and materials on Personal Transformation, since the section at bookstores was called ‘self-help’, no workshop or event in India has seemed exciting enough for me to try.
One of the best things that has happened to me this year was being at this summit and meeting incredible humans from across the nation who are as committed to their personal growth as you are. Friendships aremy biggest takeaway from LifePlugin. Every human that I’m in touch with post the summit is the embodiment of loving and kind energy; the one that I wish to surround myself with and the one I wish to be for others.
And if you thought, well what’s so fresh about such a community? What stayed with me other than my learning? It’s this one. Between all these amazing sessions, my AHA moment was doing breathwork with some sick beats and having an out of body experience due to it. It was my first meditation experience with chanting involved, and I would love for every living organism in this universe to experience this. It’s orgasmic. It’s divine.”