Vidya Sethi

I was at the adventure with my partner, so it gave us an opportunity to explore various sides of each other and deepen our understanding of each other. We love investing our joint time in meaningful experiences- learning and unlearning together, making common friendships for eternity, cheering each other’s journey so far and extending support to be accountable later. Every time we do a little activity for our individual personal growth, it accelerates the growth of our relationship. The LifePlugin adventure is the biggest one yet, on both of our lists.

What I like the most about it, is that the space was accommodating of everyone. There was never a dull moment, never a second in the day when I was not involved. Whether you are a completely introvert person, or somebody who loves socialising, this is a great environment for you to unlearn, discover and play. The space is curated in a way such that everybody feels invested. I shared my deepest secrets, one of my biggest traumas, and created some of the most memorable moments of love during this adventure.