Vendula Kysela

I came to LifePlugin summit with a bit of a skeptic expectations. Not because I didn’t believe Gautam and team would put together something amazing. But because I thought I’ve been through so many amazing growth experiences before that it would be hard to surprise me. I had no idea that this was exactly what needed to be fixed let alone expecting that LifePlugin will do that for me. That’s why my biggest and most impactful learnings from the summit were not the sessions. It was the overwhelming atmosphere of vulnerable learning. It was the hunger to be better I could just smell in the air, the eagerness to never settle for less I could touch in each hug and the beautiful freedom of not knowing I could see on faces of not only the attendees but also the speakers who joined the sessions led by others. LifePlugin summit is a place where you get a chance to fix what’s broken and to challenge yourself to break and rebuild your comfort zone of ‘I already know that’. It’s a place where you learn to accept you don’t know, where you learn to love it. For me it was a festival of vulnerability. I’m sure it has the potential of becoming a festival of whatever YOU need to learn.