Shubham Gulati

LifePlugin changes the trajectory of your life. Those three days for me were kind of the reset button in my life. Imagine yourself like Windows and one corrupt file is hampering your performance and causing stagnation, LifePlugin is the restart function to get rid of that.

From being a complacent and bitter person to become a growth seeker, that’s what LifePlugin did to me.
And I did not just take back the wisdom from the speakers and session. But, by the end of summit, I had a community of people around who were growth seekers. Always sharing great inspiring content and being there to be a growth partner. I had such strong sense of belonging to the tribe that I felt I could share my deepest insecurities and not being judged.

I am happily addicted to personal growth and plan to stay like this for the rest of my life and LifePlugin Summit is my tool to ensure that I continue my growth trajectory.