Shivaji Choudhary

The reason I say this is because I wanted to be a part of a summit/seminar where I have ZERO expectations and then get blown away ! That’s exactly what happened in there. As a sportsman and a person who helps people with vitiligo to learn how to be confident, sometimes I feel I have become more of a knowledge giver. But as I’m a student of life, LIFEPLUGIN got me to my class again. Where the learning happens with you, on you and within you. What amazes me the most is how the team Lifeplugin has curated such content and kept me on my feet literally.

I have always been about expressing myself and been shouting out loud about my beautiful time at the summit. I took back really important lessons – how we need to break our systems to ponder upon what’s happening to us and around us. Also, how most of us have the utmost common problems confined in different bodies. I would highly recommend this program to literally everyone and experience it yourself.