Shayamal Valabhjee

Last year in June, I decided to take a sabbatical from public speaking. I felt that I needed to accept my new reality, understand it, heal from it and evolve through it before I took the stage again. It had been a painful eight months as most healing is.

In March this year, LifePlugin gave me the first opportunity to return to the stage to share my new journey & realisations. It was obviously anervous time because no one had seen me in this new avatar & I had not had the opportunity to present it publicly.

LifePlugin was an ecosystem of curated attendees, amazing speakers, and thought-provoking experiences that allowed me to express myself safely. The thing about growth is that a person heals in solitude, but when they come out, their first exposure needs to be a safe environment. LifePlugin was that & in hindsight, a huge part of my evolution.