Sanjeev Somnath

As I was beginning to leave the summit, I realized how I had changed. The lightness in my head was unparalleled. The year had been challenging. The major impact on me with Dad’s passing away had brought up a pain that I had no idea how to deal with. Conversations, books, articles- nothing was helping. Now I am able to connect with the soul of my father and I feel I can actually call upon him anytime I want to. Not only do I ask questions and have them answered but sometimes also have full blown conversations with him. The connection I felt in thesessions with self and the universe has helped me put the pain aside and see how I can still love and live fully. LifePlugin has authored a new chapter in my life. Channelized through the self. And it is going to stay with me forever as one of the best investments I have ever made on myself. Cheers to the immense wonder that is you! Cheers to LifePlugin!