Radhika Gupta

Lifeplugin gave me a new set of eyes to view the world from perspective. The experiences went and crossed many layers of spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological well being. It stirred something which I didn’t know was present in myself too.

The complete health was being dealt with the added benefits of joy, connections & friendships and laughter. The air was dreamy with the hope of finding purpose in life again.

The tips and techniques we learnt stayed on with me and the breathing and especially the sessions on body movement to release emotions are something that has changed my response to multiple things.

The friends have been persistent and the relationships are growing. I have found my tribe and I am yearning to go back to it soon.

Last but not the least it was a very refreshing embrace for me and it was the best journey I have taken. I leant how to be connected to myself and others in harmony with my life vision.

I carry it deep in my heart and soul and I am extremely thankful for the curators to curate the experience, people and the venue and the love and warm hugs to help us open up 😉 Thank you LifePlugin J Love