Nishant chaudhary

I am currently 20 and there was nobody there in my age group which was a drawback but you know what , after the awkward start it didn’t really matter much.

My personal opinion on myself and my peers is that we just have too much information to process and that’s why even with loads of knowledge available we aren’t able to make use of even a fraction of it . The activities here were the best information processor that I could ask for. Also the different experiences help in filling up various personal deficiencies ( atleast i felt it ).

It will be 2 months soon and i can still feel the positivity running by just thinking back. My honest review is I wish more people my age will give this a shot. It’s something overthinkers and confused people like me seriously require. Thinking of it as life coaching seems heavy so i personally recommend thinking of this as a weekend getaway to cut off the toxic part of the mindset( and body to some extent).