Nikhil Agarwal

I was not too sure what to expect, thought it would be a fun retreat and I’ll meet some new people. This was so much more than that for me. What I experienced was interactions & social connections on a very raw, honest level without any facades or judgments. It is an environment where everyone is open and consciously working towards self growth, building a community and celebrating others journey and success just as you would yours. LifePlugin offered me a safe place to feel vulnerable. LifePlugin offers life changing skills in a fun filled environment full of love. There is dance, there is joy, there is laughter, there are hugs and there is happiness. There are many breakthrough moments when you go through meditations, reflections, stillness, retrospection, forgiveness and much more. It is a reminder to PAUSE and reflect on things that matter to you. It is a reminder of the importance of loving yourself and expressing your love to others around you. Attending the Life Plugin summit was hands down one of the best decisions I have made this year and I can definitely feel the magic after the summit. Something shifted distinctly within me.