Neha Dharwadkar

so that you can create space for positivity and abundance, then you are extremely careful when inviting energies in your life as you wish to invite only those energies which absolutely vibe with yours or are better than yours. Life Plugin Summit is one such rare phenomena which is not only a symbiosis of high vibrational souls but also a gateway to transformational journey leading to greater heights of self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

The 3-day journey is all about self-evolution. And this is achieved with the help of experienced professionals, mentors, high profile speakers, spiritual enthusiasts etc. The sessions and group activities are highly engaging, knowledge enhancing, stimulating, emotionally triggering; directing you to encounter your light side and shadow side. Something that is a must for everyone. The cherry on the cake is the tribe you meet and friends you make. Voila, what more you can ask for in 3 days Gautam has a therapeutic voice. He has the ability to calm down the souls. Special thanks to Gautam, Siddhant and team for working hard and curating this event for us.