Mugdha Pradhan

I went with zero expectations and came back with something that completely altered my perception of social connections.

What LifePlugin did over 2019 for me was that I was able to find a network of diverse, positive, authentic influencers who supported each other, reinforced each other and made each other better.

After the second summit, I was left with the feeling that no matter what curve-balls life threw at me, this is one tribe that would make me more resilient. Secondly, attending each summit serves as a barometer ofmy own personal growth, because I can look back and assess how much I’ve grown since each one. Plus there are always new teachers and new experiences and new friends to be made. I think what the three founders have done is magically imbibe their own DNA into the very program structure in such a way that anyone who plays full out leaves with access to a collective intelligence that does only one thing- lifts you higher than you could ever go alone.