Milan S Sindhav

The experience at LPS was enriching and overwhelming at the same time. It challenged the way I previously perceived things in ways that it unlocked possibilities that I never saw existed in front of me. I realised gratitude is much more about giving than receiving.

LPS embraced us in warm hugs that enabled us to view life as a larger picture. It has helped My vision of the world has become more receptive. I’m moving closer to nature, water and beaches. As a result I’m having much more deeper and meaningful conversations than ever before with the same kind of people.

I also happened to find my tribe – Himanshee, Monika & Jasmine. These guys have been my constant support post LPS. We have have various discussions on keeping up the spirits we witnessed and explored at LPS. My deepest gratitude to Gautam and his team to assemble the most perfect plenary over the 3 days that is designed to truly lift you up from a regular life and place you into a setting that is full of possibilities.