Mehwash Saani

Coming to LifePlugin was a part of Divine providence for me. I was in a hermit mode for 4 years where I stopped going out of my house, meeting friends and family and I was wallowing in my own misery. I saw LifePlugin’s ad on Instagram and I just booked my place. I remember I was frozen with fear and excitement. Fear of being with 150 strangers for 3 days and excitement for what might I learn about myself. Till today, I thank my intuition to guide me towards LifePlugin. Who would have thought the Universe propelled me towards my soul community where I had magical and soul opening experiences. It is at LifePlugin that I got a chance to serve selflessly by doing my first Full Moon Ritual with 25 strangers, where I shared extremely vulnerable stories for the first time in my life, made lifelong friends and business partners. The experience at LifePlugin helped me break the shell I built around myself. LifePlugin proved to be a blank canvas on which I redesigned my life.