Megha Gupta

LifePlugin.. What a phenomenal time, where everyone comes together in this beautiful oneness, feeling protected and enough and loved. You are taken in as one of their own the minute you walk in My life journey (a story for another time) has been a roller coaster and a half. I was skeptical about my emotional health but in our beautiful vulnerability exercises, they all spoke to me. But most of all, my mind and body spoke to me and I soon realized I could provide a safe space for others to heal, rather than breaking down on my own. This is huge for me. It’s taken me years and a few bullets in my chest to feel this way. I would definitely want to be a part of it every year, meet the people I met and welcome more into the family. >Take a bow, the team who happily made us feel at home. Yes, for those many days, we were Home.