Mariana Pereira

From the first moment I felt very welcomed, accepted as I am, and encouraged to share my story. People were so nice and warm. I received so much love, hugs and smiles that my heart felt very energized. I learned people saw me as someone authentic and who doesn’t care about what others think of me. I allowed myself to be touched (literally) by people I didn’t know a couple of days ago. I learned the importance of play, the importance of having fun, enjoying ourselves and not taking life too seriously. I got reminded of the importance of loving myself and expressing my love to people around me. Of tellingothers the good you see in them, the same way you appreciate when others tell you what they see in you.

But I think most importantly, I realized wherever I go, despite the language, culture, religion or family we grow up in, we are all human, we want the same things and have the same fears. It may seem like this summit is about the teachers and the theories you learn, and that is a big plus, but the people I met there was definitely the highlight for me. It is an experience I will never forget.