Kritika Kashyap

My journey of lifePlugin began with a mindset to explore and enjoy my weekend. But I never knew, LifePlugin had got something way beyond my imagination. Every session, every interaction, every moment was magical.

One of my major breakthroughs were – You just need the right set of people. A couple people had tagged me being a cold human, which I always carried with me. But the LifePlugin tribe writing me notes andtelling me how warm and loving I made them feel when they were around me talking to me or hugging me has transformed my image for myself. I even discovered that I am a hardcore hugger. : P

My lowest yet the aha moment had been sharing and accepting and overcoming my innermost insecurity that always was concealed within me and knowing it’s just not me holding insecurities but the person next to me and everyone else as well. Every bit of the summit and the time with the tribe has been a great learning opportunity where people push you to the extent where you become an achiever. Hence, I take pride to call myself a LifePlugin tribe member.