Jasmine Jhaveri

As per Oliver Burkeman we are here for only 4000 weeks!! So if I were to make each day count I would definitely push the pedal on an overdrive of growth and self-learning and that’s where Life Plug in comes in. I’m a person who thrives on new experiences and isn’t afraid of the unknown but somehow when I signed up for LifePlugin I was a bit apprehensive as there was a huge setback I was coping with and I knew that jumping into this may turn out to be either disastrous or miraculous . What I experienced was something beyond what I had imagined . It was magical, transformative and beautiful in all its conscious and subtle forms , because it helped me accelerate my journey to self discovery and ‘re-inventing Jasmine’ got a new energy through this platform where I bared my emotions and found so many new facets of myself. I cried , I laughed , I was vulnerable , I was tenacious but above all I started to look within and what’s the biggest testimonial then when someone says “ I love who I’m becoming.” My deepest gratitude is to the founders, the entire team and the amazing speakers, facilitators and the tribe at large who helped us push our boundaries, be that person in whom someone could confide in and and also forge strong bonds of camaraderie. As I walked through those doors the first time, I had opened the gates of a lifetime of learning, friendship and love. Here’s to life!! Plug in.