Christina M. Ghose

I was told ‘What happens in the 6 months after LifePlugin is sheer magic’ and I was sold. While I have been to multiple personal development / growth summits, what lured me also was the ‘realness’ of the facilitators and their ability to deeply and authentically connect. Be it from the welcome group to the speakers, the energy around them was that of humility, love and passion. The team that was putting it together was a reflection of the magic and I was very curious to the unfolding of the next few days.

After a year of experiencing an intense rollercoaster journey, my 17 ½ year old son and I came to Goa to understand what more could this year of learning offer us.We came with eager hearts, open minds and acomfort of being amongst those we knew. And boy oh boy, were we both amazed. Now more than a month later, I can definitely say I feel that magic after the summit. Something shifted and shifted distinctly.

The Summit left for both my son and I, truly authentic connections and friendships. And this to me is a big gift, because it allows one to experience and learn different facets of oneself as we explore that of the other. We both left feeling what we experienced here was not something we had before. It lacked superficiality, it renewed our belief in one self and left us eager to take on that which is to come.