Aniket Bhalerao

Enrolling in the LPS Summit turned out to be the most profitable decision for me. Three days in a paradise like place – Goa. Surrounded by like minded individuals, the place was bustling with energy.

The biggest takeaway and life realisations were from the speakers at the summit. For three days, the summit was full of knowledgeable speakers and activities that genuinely made me think about life and the trajectory that I was heading on. In those three days, i had some genuine self-realisation and on returning home to Mumbai, I quickly got on with the job. Today I’m proud to announce that I have finally found my life’s purpose and am making a living out of it, all thanks to those three days.

What’s more, at LPS you will make new friends from all walks of life and get connected with like minded individuals. Here, you will definitely go through moments of laughter and tears of joy and self-realisation.

If a person is desiring true transformational change, then the LPS Summit is the place to be.””