Aby Gulyani

I have consecutively attended past all the Lifeplugin since October 2017. The first event changed me from the inside which took me into a different introspective journey altogether. Meeting the tribe and speakers curated together in one of the most scenic places in India, Goa and ending up finding friends for a lifetime who stay accountable, motivated, and become your partner in personal development journey has been priceless into my life and more like a surprise from the universe.

The next event put a dent into my life by opening my heart and finally recovering from a five-year heartbreak which took me into a path of staying single before to finally be able to find a loving girlfriend.

During the third event, I reflected on the past year and saw how much far I have come in so many life categories which I never imagined. Like living nomadically, traveling to so many places, meeting new people very often, and also more aligned with myself then I have been ever before.

If I would not have attended the first or the last or heck any of the events at Lifeplugin. I can’t imagine my life being what it is today. If you are into personal development and care to grow, expand and build a conscious life. And if you are in India. There is nothing in comparison to Lifeplugin Summit. Hands down.