Aahana Mulla

Attending the LifePlugin Summit was hands down one the best decisions I have made so far. What I experienced at this summit was beyond singular personal growth. It provided me with interactions on a very raw, honest level and isn’t that always the best kind of human connection? The speakers were not only incredibly inspiring but they humanized all their awesomeness with such integrity and humility – it made me leave every session with a true feeling of ‘This really is possible.’ The dancesessions, the playground the hug therapy, the ice bath and the sugar cubes were amongst my top favourites. I would recommend every single person. We were 150 strangers who became one in 72 hours !

I also love that I am now a part of this tribe. It gives me this warm, fuzzy, happy feeling just like all the hugs we doled out constantly for 3 days. A big thank you to everyone who made this new kind of Disneyland a reality.