“A portal to connect back to who you authentically are, a safe space to let go of the pretense.”

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I came in with no expectations, left with a deep sense of my truths. Some truths that I was ignoring and delaying for a while, some that were buried deep in stories that i told myself and some that filled me with gratitude. Lifeplugin is a celebration of the whole being – “the body, mind and soul” along with a tribe that is so committed to changing their consciousness. A place where your soul is recognized and respected for being real, where you can let your guards down, get inspired, learn and play at the same time – beyond societal constructs. And changes that aren’t just momentary but those that stay with you and urge you to reach the best version of yourself

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Shubhra Chaturvedi
Aromatherapist, Writer
Co-Founder Meraki Essentials