Massively Improve
Your Ability To
Captivate Any Audience

Master the art of speaking and
become a more confident, charismatic
and inspiring communicator in just 5 days.

Live in person event with Eric Edmeades


Massively Improve
Your Ability To
Captivate Any Audience

14-15-16th April 2023

Master the art of speaking and
become a more confident, charismatic
and inspiring communicator in just 5 days.

Live in person event with Eric Edmeades


Your next great opportunity is
only one talk away!

Whether you’re after lucrative business deals, a bigger raise, more meaningful relationships, profound life adventures or simply want to be the life of a party…

You are only 1 talk away from achieving it all.

People are hardwired to be attracted to charismatic leaders who have great ideas, a vision for the future, and a deep sense of caring and empathy for those around them.

But it’s not the idea that makes us attracted to them—it’s their ability to communicate that idea effectively.

The same is true for you. It only takes…

  • 1 Great Presentation to land the business deal of your dreams.
  • 1 Incredible Keynote to start getting booked again and again and again.
  • 1 Powerful Conversation to deepen your relationships.
  • 1 Outstanding Video to go viral and position you as the go-to expert in your field.
  • 1 Inspiring Speech to move thousands and make a change in the world.

The power of your voice can open up opportunities that you never even dreamed were possible.

At the Speaking Academy, you will discover how to massively improve your speaking skills so that you can inspire any audience, at any time, in any situation. All in just 5 days.

Anyone Can Become A Master Speaker!

You are a BORN communicator!
You may not realize it, but it’s true.

From the moment you took your first breath in this world, you had NO problem expressing yourself.

Simply go to a nearby playground and watch the kids play. They yell, run, dance, sing and laugh without the slightest hint of anxiety about being too loud, too energized or too “out there.”

The bluntness of their comments, their bold questions, and the stories they tell are the second hint.

As a social being, you were BORN to speak up, express yourself, and communicate.

The problem is, in an attempt to raise you well, your parents and teachers told you:


Sit down and be quiet!

Some people hear that sentence more often than others, but almost everyone has heard it at some point.

Whether it was the teacher who humiliated you in front of the class, the parent who told you to shut your mouth and do as you’re told, or the bully who made you feel like your voice doesn’t matter.

On the journey of growing up, people are often fed the LIE that it’s safer to sit down and shut up than it is to stand up and be heard.

As a result, we now live in a world where people fear Public Speaking MORE than ANYTHING ELSE! Most people have become masters at SUPPRESSING their voice and blending in, rather than USING it to be heard.

If you have ever been in a situation where you had something to say but didn’t say it, you’ll know the pain it can cause.


Opportunities pass you by as you sit quietly and watch them go.

Imagine yourself sitting in a business meeting. An amazing idea flashes through your head—this is just the idea everyone has been waiting for!

Then the doubts come up:
I don’t want to interrupt… It’s so simple, I’m sure someone thought of it already… What if it’s not as good as I thought… I don’t want to make a fool of myself… Maybe I should wait a moment… Maybe… Maybe…

Suddenly, someone speaks up. You’re stunned. It’s as if they just took the thoughts right out of your head. They are sharing the same idea you just had and now they are getting all the credit.

Unfair? Not really.
Painful? Definitely.

If you’ve EVER been passed over—for a promotion, a contract, a gig or even a date—chances are, it was because your fear of speaking up and being wrong was greater than your courage to speak up and lead.

If you KNOW you have the skills and ability, but you’re stuck not knowing how to communicate your value with the world, it’s time to make a change. Not only for the sake of your life, but also for the benefit of your relationships, your friends, your children, your co-workers and your clients.

The world needs to hear your voice—you deserve to be heard!


Embrace the power of your voice and master the art of public speaking

Take a moment and imagine how your life would improve if you could:

  1. Be comfortable and confident enough to share your ideas with anyone, regardless of the time and situation.
  2. Feel fearless, inspired and in control when you’re on any kind of stage in front of any kind of audience.
  3. Express your most authentic self.
  4. Have the tools to communicate in a way that inspires people and makes them remember you for years to come.
  5. Grow your business’ bottom line every single time you step on a stage.
  6. Be the person who always seems to know exactly what to say and how to say it in a way that just clicks.
  7. Deliver a world-class presentation on the spot without being dependent on any slides, notes, or remembered lines.

Expressing your thoughts, feelings and ideas clearly might not be the most comfortable thing to do at first.

But it will be the most impactful thing you’ll ever learn.

The world needs to hear your voice and the Speaking Academy will give you EVERYTHING you need to make that happen.

What You Will Learn

Self Confidence
Self Confidence
Self Confidence

(Take the stage at any given time)

Clear Communication
Clear Communication
Clear Communication

(Always know what to say)

Stage Presence
Stage Presence
Stage Presence

(Communicating without words to get your point across)

Inspiring Storytelling
Inspiring Storytelling
Inspiring Storytelling

(Instantly connect with any audience)

Magnetic Charisma
Magnetic Charisma
Magnetic Charisma

(Develop a magnetic attraction)

Meet Your
World-class Speaking Mentor

Did you know? Eric was once so terrified of public speaking that he could hardly eat for days before giving a talk.

After systematically eliminating his fear of public speaking, Eric has become a highly sought-after main stage speaker, with over 10,000 hours of stage time in over 25 countries.

An impeccable speaker in his own right, Eric clearly expresses the core concepts, strategies and techniques that have created decades of speaking success for him and his hundreds of students.

Throughout his speaking career, Eric has shared the stage with such speakers as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, and Robert Kiyosaki. Eric has spoken at several Mindvalley events and continues to tour the world
speaking and training speakers.

When he’s not inspiring an audience from the stage or training future speakers in his 5-Day Speaking Academy, you’ll find Eric kiteboarding and enjoying quality time with his family at their tropical home, or traveling the world for fun.

Upcoming Events

June 7-11th 2023 Mumbai, India

Venue: To be confirmed

Payment plans available

September 27 - October 1st 2023 Tallinn, Estonia

Venue: To be confirmed

Payment plans available

Success Stories

''This is the Answer to Learning Public Speaking''

Peter signed up for speaking academy hoping that he and his wife could super charge their speaking abilities and leverage speaking to help grow their business. What he got was that, and so much more. Peter found the 5 days to be more than just a speaking workshop, it was a full on transformational experience!

''Speaking Tips, Plus A Whole Lot More''

Jackie came to the Speaking Academy with a simple goal: learn to speak without notes. She achieved that goal, but thanks to an important realization during the event, she left with so much more…

From Stage Fright to Speaking Tour

When Vahan came to Speaking Academy in 2018, he was far from being a professional speaker. He struggled with stage fright and wanted to develop the skills to comfortably express himself in front of an audience. Within 5 days, everything changed. On the final day of the workshop, Vahan took the stage and with the utmost confidence delivered an insightful and hilarious comedy routine that still gets talked about years later! Within days of finishing the Speaking Academy, he started promoting himself as a speaker, and just a few months later Vahan found himself off on a speaking tour in Europe!

Program Curriculum

Our Proven Stages For Success...
On Any Platform!

(Click on any of the stages below to discover what you'll learn)

  • Learn exactly why becoming a comfortable communicator is a superpower that you must not ignore.
  • Simple methods to transform your fear of public speaking into genuine excitement.
  • Discover exactly what’s unique about you, your story AND your message.
  • Explore how to share your unique gift with the world so it makes an impact on the lives of others.
  • How to stand out on any stage and outperform most speakers in a heartbeat.
  • The most impactful speaking models and how to use them.
  • How to make (BIG) money being a speaker.
  • A proven technique to appeal to any type of person in the room.
  • How to connect with the audience before you’ve even said a word.
  • Getting out of your shell (and how to do that on demand)
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • How to construct your talk and make it adaptable. (Never be left speechless again!)
  • The proven elements of a great presentation.
  • How to tell stories in a way that pulls EVERYONE in the room on the edge of their seats.
  • How to ride your emotional wave. (Be comfortable with any range and intensity of emotions.)
  • How to never need notes or memorization again.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Mastering the art of influence.
  • Get a rock solid sense of self-confidence and attract opportunity.
  • How to know what the audience is thinking before they’re even aware of it.
  • Tactics for improving your unwavering stage presence.
  • How to structure a presentation and communicate with any personality.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Practice, refine and develop your stories and your skills.
  • Present your talks at a live event with a live audience.
  • Interact in the workshops.
  • Start to build your public speaking muscle.
  • Totally unleash your authentic self on stage!

Unlike With Most Speaking Clubs And Workshops...

you will walk out of the Speaking Academy actually having PRACTICED and APPLIED all of the skills you need in order to become a master in the art of speaking.

From the feedback we received from past participants, we can comfortably say:

“After the Speaking Academy, you will view your life in 2 phases: BEFORE and AFTER the speaking academy.”

See What Some Of
The Past Graduates Say

Rusti Lehay

Speaking Academy 2019

Absolutely worth every penny, every tear, every late night and early morning. The laughter and learning made it all so sweet and zip by ever so fast. His team is amazing and I would happily give my time to volunteer with a group just to witness from the outside the transformations that take place. I DO mark my life by before Speaking Academy and everything that is happening now. Thank you, thank you!

Georgia Vanderville

Speaking Academy 2019

Attending Speaking Academy improved every relationship I have, including the one with myself. Our business partners have grown and our quotes have turned into contracts. I am able to communicate with our employees on a level that shows them increased care and respect, and they reciprocate. My ability to connect has tripled and our employee retention is astonishing!


Because each group is different, Eric prefers to gauge the energy of the group and plan the itinerary from there. We ask that you be flexible. In general, registration each day begins at 9 am. There will be stretch, snack and meal breaks throughout the day. A large part of the Speaking Academy is focused on the speaking strategy drills and team practice time, most of which happens after the event ends at 5-6 pm, and into the late evening, so please make the proper arrangements. (In some events, participants have chosen to stay and practice together until midnight).

The Speaking Academy was designed to kickstart your public speaking skills in a very short amount of time. You will be covering a wealth of knowledge and content and will have extensive hands-on training. Consider it a “speaker boot camp”.

Yes, there are a few things that you may want to bring. A journal and something to write with. A water bottle. Business cards. We also ask for you to have three possible stories in mind that you would like to share and use as the material for your talks and exercises.

Business casual for Day One through Day Four of our event. For maximum comfort, dress in layers as the room temperature may vary. On Day Five, the event will be filmed professionally, therefore, plan on dressing sharp and professional.

Yes, everyone will have a chance to speak with Eric during breaks. This event is very interactive and intimate, and you’ll have many opportunities meet Eric personally.

Plan to check out of your hotel the day after Day 5 of our event. Day 5 always goes late into the night and we dont want you to miss a moment of it. We also recommend staying an extra day to process all of the information and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Yes, there will be breaks however they will not be scheduled. Eric is a very flexible instructor so be prepared to go with the flow. Light snacks, water, tea and coffee will be provided and feel free to bring your own snacks too.

The cancellation and refund policy for each Speaking Academy is based on the individual event that you purchase. To know more about the terms associated with your up coming Speaking Academy please email to find out more

You are coming to this event to learn and to develop new skills. And, we hope, to have fun. It is worth spending some time before you come to really think about how improving your professional and public speaking skills will impact your life, relationships, and business. The stronger your ‘why’ the more you will learn.

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Mumbai, India

June 7-11th, 2023

Live in person event with Eric Edmeades

Sessions begin at 9 am each day

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Tallinn, Estonia

Sep 27th - Oct 1st, 2023

Live in person event with Eric Edmeades

Sessions begin at 9 am each day

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Price goes up on April 7th, 2023

Payment plans available

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